Thursday, 11 July 2013

The First Garden Party Of The Summer

 In honour of my dad turning fifty this week, my family threw a small garden party with some of our closest friends to celebrate him and his successful fifty years. My sister has the amazing talent of decorating and she did a wonderful job turning our backyard into the ideal party location after giving my mom and I detailed lists of what to search for and buy at Ikea last week. After running aimlessly around the kitchen preparing all sorts of food and appetizers prior to the day of the party, saturday night came quickly bringing along with it the perfect weather for a garden party, minus a few mosquitos. The party started early evening with all sorts of different appetizers being passed around and conversations going. We ate the night away starting with lamb chops, a quinoa salad, pineapple scallop skewer and greek tzatziki and finished it with a dessert plate of gingerbread cake, fruit, chocolate and pistachios.  It was a lovely night that will definitely be remembered. 

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